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Tuition fee CA$21,101 per year

The fees are for the 2022–2023 academic year and include tuition (CA$19,692), health insurance and ancillary charges.

The fees displayed are estimates only for three semesters and are subject to change.

Registration fee CA$390 one-time

The registration fee includes the non-refundable application fee (CA$90) and the refundable deposit fee (CA$300).

Please REVIEW the EdviseCanada`s fee policy.

Accommodation fee CA$1,800 per month

The above fee is an estimated amount for living expenses for one month.

  • Including the cost of food, rent, transportation and other living expenses (varies depending on your living preferences).
  • Estimated living expenses are to be used as a guide only and are subject to change.

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In this innovative three-year advanced diploma program, you will immerse yourself in a creative environment to attain traditional and digital animation skills and knowledge. As you learn to draw storyboards, design scenes and animate characters, you will practice applying theories of motion, timing, storytelling and digital technology to produce high-quality animations and designs.

Our hands-on curriculum emphasizes the cross-disciplinary training necessary to succeed in today’s collaborative animation industry — a cutting-edge approach we call the Seneca Animation Model. Among the first of its kind, this ground-breaking structure focuses on developing your potential through intertwining specialization streams. You will graduate with a well-rounded experience, making you a sought-after candidate in the industry in a time of exciting change.

You will develop the foundational skills necessary to succeed in various animation disciplines in your first year. This includes key abilities such as animation, design, film language, life drawing and structural drawing for animation.

In your second and third years, you will focus your studies on one of four streams:

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • game art and animation
  • visual development

You will have the opportunity to work with students in other streams throughout your studies, culminating in a third-year capstone project that brings in team members for a truly cross-disciplinary experience. As one of Canada’s most in-demand animation programs, this new curriculum design will equip you with the skills required for the collaborative work that lies ahead in the modern animation industry.


Throughout this program, you will develop a variety of skills relevant to producing animation for the web, television, games or film, such as:

  • understanding and demonstration of strong, effective design and colour choices for production art
  • thorough knowledge of storytelling as an art form
  • clear understanding of animation principles and mechanics
  • consideration and thoughtfulness for the principles of composition and design
  • ability to directly connect life drawing with design, composition, animation and story
  • consideration of the importance of environment and location from the standpoint of design, composition and colour


  • Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI)
  • Ottawa International Animation Festival
  • LightBox Expo
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Computer
  • Graphics & Interactive Techniques
  • Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO)
  • Toon Boom Center of Excellence program

Career opportunities

Graduates of this program typically find employment by:

  • 2D and 3D television animation studios
  • animated feature film studios
  • gaming studios
  • virtual production producers
  • pre-production and concept art studios
  • visual effects studios
  • advertising agencies
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