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Digital Product Design

Tuition fee CA$25,450 per program

The fee is for the 2022–2023 academic year and includes tuition (CA$23,536), health insurance and ancillary charges.

The fees displayed are estimates only for two semesters and are subject to change.

Registration fee CA$400 one-time

The registration fee includes the non-refundable application fee (CA$100) and the refundable deposit fee (CA$300).

Please REVIEW the EdviseCanada`s fee policy.

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Master user experience design and make your ideas a reality.

Enter an in-demand career field with digital product design

A Digital Product Design certificate from Sheridan can launch you into a growing and lucrative field in eight months. The average entry-level salary for a User Experience Designer in Ontario is $64,000 and statistics show demand for UX designers has increased 107%. Job seekers with the broad range of skills taught in this post-graduate can be highly employable in a wide variety of industries.

Become well-rounded in all aspects of product design

The product design industry needs designers who know more than web design or UI design. Our unique program teaches the required essentials for a career in multimedia design and development. You’ll learn business strategy, research methods, visual design, prototyping and more. With skills in many experience design elements, you can position yourself as a well-rounded designer and work in many roles.

Work with industry experts, software and processes

Courses are taught by experts who bring their unique industry experience into the classroom. You’ll use the same software as design professionals, such as Sketch and Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Our course structure is even designed to mimic the workflow of the modern workplace. Content from one class carries over into others, ensuring you’ll learn to fully develop and iterate on your ideas.

Learn to design digital products for a better world

Interactive media and digital products need to be designed with users in mind. In Sheridan’s Digital Product Design courses, you’ll learn to create products that meet user needs with intuitive and efficient interfaces. You’ll also develop your critical thinking skills as you learn an ethical approach to design that considers the societal impact and challenges of modern technology.

Career opportunities

When you graduate from Sheridan’s eight-month post-graduate certificate in Digital Product Design, you’ll be prepared to work as a freelancer or as part of an organization. This field of study is in high demand in the workforce. Industry experts say for every technical position in a company, a designer is also needed.

You may find work in roles such as:

  • Design researcher
  • Design strategist
  • Product designer
  • UX designer
  • UI designer
  • Usability tester
  • Design consultant
Apply Now! September 2024
This intake is not applicable
Studies commence
Sep 3, 2024

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply Now! September 2024
This intake is not applicable
Studies commence
Sep 3, 2024

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States