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Internet Communications Technology (Optional Co-op)

Tuition fee CA$18,096 per year

The fee is for the 2022–2023 academic year and includes tuition (CA$16,274), health insurance and ancillary charges.

The fees displayed are estimates only for two semesters and are subject to change.

Registration fee CA$400 one-time

The registration fee includes the non-refundable application fee (CA$100) and the refundable deposit fee (CA$300).

Please REVIEW the EdviseCanada`s fee policy.

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Sheridan’s Internet Communications Technology program offers Canada’s best undergraduate level preparation for an Internet engineering career.

Our program

Sheridan’s Internet Communications Technology program provides an in-depth curriculum on the technologies of the Internet. The longest-standing Internet engineering undergraduate program in Canada, this program will provide you with a great deal of hands-on experience. Our grads specialize in network communications and security, and work for a variety of Canadian and global institutions.

Hands-on experience

You’ll acquire a comprehensive understanding of Internet infrastructure, architecture and security, gaining hands-on experience in:

  • Internet engineering: routing, design and protocol
  • WiFi systems: power measurement, design, security, deployment
  • Voice over IP: design, build and test
  • Network cabling and power

Career advancement

Internet Communications Technology offers extraordinary income potential and opportunities for career advancement. Our graduates work at senior levels for every major network carrier in the country. Our grads can be found in any institution that relies on the Internet, including the financial industry, government, education and corporate sectors.

Additional information

Graduates may enjoy higher than average starting salaries and work for Fortune 500 companies and large institutions in the public and private sectors. Any organization that has an information systems infrastructure is a hiring candidate.

Turn your diploma into a degree

As a graduate of an Internet Communications Technology advanced diploma, you may be eligible to complete the following Sheridan degree through our “Degree Completion” program:

Career opportunities

Graduates of Internet Communications Technology start at excellent positions in mid-level rungs of the IT career ladder.

Recent graduates have moved into the following careers:

  • Global Training Manager for Network Systems
  • Network Systems Engineer/Analyst/Administrator
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Network Technical Architect
  • NOC (Network Operations Centre) Engineer/Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Technology Strategy Director
  • WiFi Network Expert
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Apply Now! September 2025
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Oct 1, 2024
This intake is not applicable
Studies commence
Sep 2, 2025